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Hello. We are a first alcohol-free Berlin directly in the party district of Berlin. Our menu offers twenty sorts of alcohol-free beers, dealcoholized wine and delicious mocktails. Just go for liquorfree, noalcohol and charming. In the center of Berlin. Every night out in Berlin brings something different, but thereís always something fun and freaky about going on. And if itís something you think you could never do without a few drinks but we want to surprise you. We introduce you to booze-free nightlife experience with alcohol-free beer, dealcoholized wine and mocktails.

romantic! liquorfree in Berlin.

Stop by and experience the new flavours of alcohol-free drinks by yourself. Take your best friend with you and go on a journey of alcohol-free beer discovery in our booze-free bar in Berlin. So, are you looking for liquorfree and alcohol-free? Well, some people say that nice, fine or awesome pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also hearty, innovative or sociable.

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But today it is in Berlin more about liquorfree, inviting or marvellous. Take a leap to the liquorfree pub!

liquorfree pub in Berlin