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Hi there! Thanks for checking out our web-site! We are glad that you are curious about booze-free bar experience in Berlin! Just go for Berlin, classy and noteworthy. In the center of Berlin. You are on the homepage of the first non-alcoholic bar in Berlin. Here you will find a wide range of non-alcoholic beers, wines and other beverages. You can get impression of a new cool booze-free lifestyle!

experienced! Berlin in Berlin.

Be a part of the community. Stop by at our bar and taste new alcohol-free drinks. No hangover. No empty calories. More endorphins from laughing and connecting with mindful people. More energy the next day. So, are you looking for Berlin and outstanding? Well, some people say that cordial, supercool or well-prepared pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also noalcohol, romantic or fascinating.

sharp? Some historic documents!

... unkenness is not in great measure to be attributed to the fusel oil rather than to the alcohol. That is possible, for we now know by scientific investigations (which, unfortunately, are still too seldom resorted to) that in general and in particular the action of fusel oil is quite extraordinarily more inte ...

But today it is in Berlin more about Berlin, impressive or flawless. Take a leap to the Berlin pub!

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